A  lunch to is given by the organisation if the assignement covers meal times.

After registering as a volunteer, you will receive an e-mail containing your job description and the information necessary for a great volunteer experience.

In case of problems during your mission you can contact your  head volunteer. This number will be provided to you directly with your job description.

If you are facing any issue  before the event, please contact the volunteers manager : benevole@chamonixsport.com or 04 50 53 11 57.

You don’t have to bring any specific equipment (except for a harness if you are a securer).
We recommend you to bring a water bottle, a rain coat if the weather isn’t nice, sunglasses, a cap and a fully charged phone.

Dorm-style accommodation is available within the limits of available places, prioritising volunteers who are involved for several days in the event.